ISDM 2017

From 07/02/2017 to 07/05/2017

Domaine de Rockefeller - 8 Avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon, FRANCE

Jocelyne Daumer, was a public service employee, now retired since 2011.
Grand-mother of two grandchildren, great sport fan, of soccer especially, she likes informatics, she creates websites.
Jocelyne has been diagnosed of a follicular large cleaved cell lymphoma in January 2013. She is in remission since November 2013.
Jocelyne decided "to give back all what she received" during her cancer disease, as she likes to say, and is thus trained in patients' therapeutic education for oral chemotherapies. Active member of a research program in this area, she now trains cancer patients as well as healthcare professionals since she gives courses especially to pharmacists to explain her experience and what she expects from them as a cancer survivor.