ISDM 2017

From 07/02/2017 to 07/05/2017

Domaine de Rockefeller - 8 Avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon, FRANCE

Bio sketch France Légaré, B. Sc. Arch, MD, MSc, PhD, CCMF, FCMF

Trained first as an architect (1980-1084 Université Laval) and then as a family physician (1984-1990 Université Laval), Dr. France Légaré is full professor with the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Université Laval ( . A family physician at the Family Medicine Teaching Site of Hôpital Saint-François d’Assise in Québec City since 1990, Dr Légaré began her master’s degree in community health around the same time that she began practicing medicine. She completed her master's degree in 1995. In 2000, she began work on her doctoral degree and obtained a PhD in population health from the University of Ottawa. She has held a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Implementation of Shared Decision Making in Primary Care from 2005-2016. As of June 1st 2016, she now holds the title of Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Shared Decision Making and Knowledge Translation (

Dr Légaré’s research program is aimed at providing health professionals and their patients with the necessary skills to promote shared decision-making throughout the healthcare continuum and to ensure that patients and their loved ones make decisions that are informed by the best evidence but also that are congruent with what matters the most to them. With colleagues, she is leading two large trials that will assess the impact of training home care teams in shared decision making so these teams can support older Canadians and their loved ones make informed value congruent decisions regarding their location of care.